13 Steps to Get You Ready to Move

The following tips are helpful guidelines you can follow to make your move run smoother, faster and more efficiently.

Confirm the Move Date with the Superintendent and reserve the Elevator before the move.

Colour code each room in the house or office. Make a spreadsheet which clearly matches the colour with each room for your own reference.

Organize your house or office and your belongings.  It will make your move faster and more efficient. It will also help us complete the inventory before the move.

All fragile valuables such as dishes should not be stored flat. They should rather be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed on the sides in a box.

Do not use old boxes as they may not be secure for carrying heavy items.

Always seal boxes with tape. DO NOT try to staple boxes or use glue. The tape should be heavy duty as well.

Pack glass pictures frames separately and have them standing up in boxes. This will prevent them from breaking.

Leave tooth brushes, toiletries, and basic food items in the fridge, as you may need to use them. Start by organizing the big things that would not be needed last minute. You can always empty out essential items, such as toothbrushes and food item, last minute.

Prepare your pet(s) for the move. Ask a friend or a kennel to take in the dog during the move, if possible. Pets may delay the process.

If your area is carpeted, cover the carpet with a specific floor cover found in hardware stores. This will prevent any mud and dirt from entering your home.

Use old sheets and blankets to keep dust off your furniture

Clean rugs and draperies before you move so they are fresh for your new home.

Do not pack flammable or combustible items.