A Guide on Moving Etiquette

If you are preparing to move your home then there are many steps to take. Hiring a professional moving company in Calgary is a great place to start. Local movers will often offer their own protocols and provide tips to help you get organized for moving day.

There are many details to consider, and it can be easy to overlook important steps. The best Calgary movers will handle the bulk of your moving needs, but being prepared will certainly be appreciated by your movers. Below is a guide of moving etiquette for clients to consider before their upcoming move:

Properly Inform Your Movers

Make sure you let the moving company know in advance of any complexities your moving job may entail. This includes complicated access, heavy items, flights of stairs, additional stops, and any other details that they should consider for your moving job. This is important since there may be additional charges applied to your move. Also, your local moving company in Calgary would have to prepare appropriately for your move. Some complicated situations may require additional tools, manpower, or other resources that would not be provided unless otherwise noted. Your movers will be able to complete your job more efficiently with these details provided in advance. 

Book Your Elevators

After you have hired your moving company (and properly informed them of the details of your moving job), make sure to book your elevators. This is relevant if you are moving a condo or apartment, or if your moving job is in a facility that utilizes elevators. Usually buildings will not allow clients to move unless they have booked their elevator time slots. Forgetting to book elevators may result in no elevator time being available on the date of your move, and this will either delay your move or worse, you may have to reschedule for another day. In some cases the movers can utilize the stairs, but that will end up costing you extra dollars, and it will be energetically demanding on the movers.

Arrange Parking

If you hire residential movers to move your house, then make sure your driveway is clear for the movers to park the truck. If you need to move an office, or are moving out of a building, see if there is a loading dock the truck can park in. If your movers need to park on the road, be sure to find an area where they can park safely and will not be ticketed. Try to secure parking that is close by, since a long walk to the truck is both exhausting and time consuming, and can end up costing you more. Also make sure that you find an area for the truck to park that will not block off any other driveways.

Be Prepared

Being prepared will end up saving you time and money, and it will allow the movers to work swiftly and efficiently. If you are unprepared, and still in the process of packing last minute items, this can delay your move and slow down your movers.  Labeling your boxes is another step you can take to help the movers, so they know where to place each box and if to handle fragile boxes with extra care.

Offer Refreshments

This is never required or expected, but it means a lot to the movers who are working very hard, often without breaks. Offering a beverage or a snack is polite and considerate. Your movers may not even realize that they are thirsty or hungry since they are working so hard, but your offer will be greatly appreciated! It will boost their morale and the extra energy and hydration will help them perform better. During hot seasons consider offering cold beverages, and during the winter months you may offer hot beverages (like tea or hot chocolate). 

Tipping Your Movers

If you believe your movers worked well then it is customary to tip your movers for the services they provided. In the service industry, workers often rely on tips as part of their salary. Tips also serve as a motivating factor for them to work well, and receiving a tip at the end of a hard day feels good.  Tipping amounts will depend on how many men worked, how big the final bill was, and how you feel. The industry standard is 5% of the total bill, but tips are never mandatory.  Tipping your professional movers is a nice way to say thank you to your movers for their efforts. Also, if you are planning to leave a tip, remember to have cash available for when the job is complete. If you had friends or family helping you with the move then consider writing them a thank you note, or providing them with a thank you present (like a giftcard or movie tickets). 

Leave a Positive Review

Sometimes people are quick to leave negative reviews when they have a bad experience. We believe it is equally important to leave positive reviews when you have a good experience. Be sure to mention your movers names and what you liked about the job. Reviews will positively represent your movers to their employers, and they provide positive reinforcement for the movers hard work. At High Level Movers Calgary, are financially rewarded for the positive reviews they receive, and this serves as a great incentive for them while they work! Spread the positive energy, and leave a great review! 

Proper Moving Etiquette is a Win-Win

Following these steps will ensure that your move is done in a fast, organized, and efficient manner. It will reduce delays, and it will help make the move easy for both you and your movers. Another final tip, and the most important of all, is to be polite and friendly. Moving is not easy, and it can be very stressful, especially on a day with hot or inclement weather, a lot of heavy items, and perhaps some unexpected surprises.  Positive energy is contagious, it creates a comfortable environment to work in, and a good attitude helps make any difficult situation easier. Everyone benefits from a great attitude.