Calgary HLM Moving and Packing Tips

    If this is your first time to move, then you have probably heard stories from family and friends as to how difficult this could be. But don’t fret. The following tips will help you throughout the whole process.

1. Make a list

    – go to each room of your home and list everything you have. Much like doing inventory, this will help you identify key items that must be packed with care. Likewise, this will also give you an idea of which items can go together inside a box without risk.

2. Set specific areas of each room to arrange items according to

type and size.

    It will be best if you organize them according to material e.g. porcelain, clothes, wood, electronics, etc. However, remember not to mix them with items from a different room. This will enable you to unpack efficiently when you get to your new home. Of course, your larger items such as appliances and furniture do not count here since it will be rather inconvenient for you to do so. For these items, your list will work its magic when it’s time for the movers to get them.

3. Keep or Toss

    – once you have your list and every single item is laid out in front of you, decide which ones you would like to bring and which ones you would rather leave behind. At this point, you can designate one corner of the room for items you’d like to either sell or donate to charity. Should you decide to donate to charity, you can contact the respective organization to pick it up from your home for your convenience.

4. Count and Gear Up

    – before you start packing things, estimate the number of boxes you will need according to the items you have segregated. Also take note of the number of fragile items that will require bubble wrap to keep them safe during transport. Prepare enough boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers, fillers, packing tape, and markers to make everything systematic.
  • 5. Pack ‘em Up and Pack ‘em Right
    • a. Start with your fragile items; wrap them individually with newspaper and bubble wrap. You can also tape the edges if you want to be extra sure. Pad the bottom of the box with about an inch of newspapers or maybe some old linen or towels. Carefully place each item in the box then line the sides with more newspapers or towels to make sure that your breakables do not jiggle and break during transport.
    • b. Box your clothes and linen as you would arrange them inside closets or drawers.
    • c. For electronics, it would be best if you pack them as you would your fragile items. However, keep in mind that you should not stack them too much. The weight of other electronics might damage the ones on the bottom.
    • d. Never forget to seal each box with packaging tape. Label the box and keep a list for reference. This will make it easier for the movers to know where to put the boxes when unloading, and of course, it will make it easier for you to unpack them.