Planning your Long Distance Move

Are you planning to move from Calgary to another place in Canada and unsure of where to start? Long distance moving is not an easy task, but preparing ahead with a plan can help ensure an easy, safe, and successful move. Below we offer some useful tips for making your move across the country stress and hassle free. 

Plan Ahead

checklist moving

Leaving things to the last minute is not a wise option when it comes to moving in general, but if you require long distance moving services, then it is essential to plan ahead. Start off by doing your research on the various moving companies that offer long distance movers Calgary. Formulate a list of important questions to ask, and make sure to write everything down. While it is important to compare prices, it is also necessary to look at the reputation and credibility of the Calgary moving company you are using. Be sure to read client reviews, and consider how many years they have been in business. Clarify that the moving company you select can meet your time-frame for both the pickup and delivery dates. Inquire about a cancellation policy, and the insurance coverage on your belongings. 

After selecting a moving company and reserving a spot, you should then begin to plan what you will move and what you will toss. Remember to acquire all necessary supplies and packing materials in advance. Consider researching options for budget friendly and Eco friendly packing materials. The sooner you begin packing the easier and less stressful your moving experience will be.    

Downsize & Declutter

Letting go of old belongings can be time consuming, especially when deciding what to keep and what to toss. However, this tip can help make your long distance move cheaper, more efficient, and easy. Most long distance moving companies will charge you based on volume, weight, or a list of items, so downsizing will help keep your final bill low. If you’re preparing well in advance, then you may consider selling some of your outdated items.  If you’re tighter on time, consider giving unwanted belongings away to friends or family, or donating them. Other options to declutter is offering free items to buyers who are able to pick them up. This is a great tip when letting go of large items or old furniture.  For those belongings that need to be tossed, research Eco-friendly options for recycling them first.

Label Everything

Labeling your boxes is a great strategy to make your long distance move both time and energy efficient. It is advisable to label the top of boxes with large print using a black sharpie, so the labels are easy to read.  Labels should indicate the room the belongings should go in, and if they are fragile. You can also label the sides of boxes to indicate what exactly is in the box. This will help you when you need to find essential items (like your cellphone charger), allowing you to stay organized so that your unpacking is quick and easy. 

Essential Items 

A tip that is often overlooked is to pack all essential items that will be needed when you arrive into one bag or box. These items can include toiletries, baby essentials, dog food, snacks, drinks, a change of clothes, etc. Consider this your go-to-box for the first few days of unpacking, while you get your new residence organized.  

Unpacking Made Easy

We began by discussing why planning ahead is important for organizing your move, hiring movers, and packing your belongings. Now we conclude by emphasizing the importance of making a plan for unpacking. Make sure you have planned to take time off work, and allocated any necessary help or services you may require when beginning to unpack. Have you connected all of your energy and utilities? Do you need caregivers to help you watch your children or animals as you unpack? Perhaps you have family or friends that can make themselves available those first few days to assist you. Decide what needs to be unpacked first, and create a system that works for you. A smooth unpacking experience will leave you feeling content and comfortable in your new home!  

Stress Free Long Distance Moving

Hiring a professional long distance moving company in Calgary will help ensure that your belongings are taken care of and arrive safely on the date you require. Whether you are moving between provinces, or moving across the country, doing your research, planning ahead, decluttering, and staying organized are steps that you can take to ensure a successful moving experience.