Meet Ryan! Ryan is a happy client. He is happy because he had a fantastic moving experience with High Level Movers. He called our Calgary moving company in hopes of hiring professional movers to help him with relocating his two bedroom apartment from Calgary to Edmonton.

He needed to move all of his belongings to storage in Calgary. The two locations are over 200 miles apart, so this move was to be handled by our long distance moving department. Long distance moving services have unique requirements and considerations. One of the most important aspects to long distance moving is ensuring safety of the clients belongings. 

We encouraged Ryan to utilize TV boxes for his two big screen TVs. Televisions are very fragile and expensive, and they are easily damaged during moves. Factors including the shake and jiggle of the car can cause pressure damage or internal damage to the TV or to the screen. A moving box is a great investment to keep TV’s safe. 

In addition to utilizing TV boxes, we also made sure to thoroughly wrap furniture, mattresses, and loose items. We used a combination of moving blankets and shrink wrap. The purpose of the shrink wrap is to act as a protective barrier from environmental damage like dirt and dust, while the moving blankets act as a protective cushion against damages and scratches.

After disassembling furniture and wrapping all of the belongings, the next step was to securely load the truck. Professional movers know how to load a truck in a manner that utilizes space efficiently while also making sure that all items are stable and safe. For this we utilize harnesses, straps, and a smart system of loading. A thoroughly packed truck is a beautiful thing, and extremely satisfying for movers! 

The summer weather made for a smooth drive. When we arrived at the drop off location in Edmonton it was a quick and easy unloading process into the storage.   Ryan was very happy and thanked our movers for their hard efforts and polite and positive attitude. We are very appreciative to Ryan for leaving us a positive review and giving credit to his movers. Reviews are a great way to thank movers for their services! 

Ryan Z – “Very quick and high quality movers they came in made sure everything was wrapped and protected before placing it in the truck. Workers were very friendly and definitely worth the money. Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for movers.”